Shades & Layers

Shades & Layers

Shades and Layers is an African storytelling platform for Black and Other Women of Color Entrepreneurs. Each podcast episode explores the joys and challenges of entrepreneurship as experienced by this demographic on the African continent and in the diaspora.

Podcast Host, Kutloano Skosana Ricci, creates a safe space for guests to openly and unapologetically  give their take on a range of topics and themes - including 'Representation', 'Funding', 'Successful Living' and 'Sustainability/Sustainable Business Practices'.

Guests include Beauty Industry founders, Fashion and Design mavens, Wellness entrepreneurs, Media and Entertainment leaders and other Creatives. Each episode is instructional, meaningful and inspirational.

At Shades and Layers we believe that storytelling is the best way to teach and learn. 

So, whether you're running a social enterprise or a for-profit entity, we invite you to share your entrepreneurial journey.

April 02, 2024x
00:33:5023.28 MB

Leading with Authenticity: Ethical Media and Resilience with Bonnie Meslane

Bonnie Meslane is the Founder of the online lifestyle and culture magazine, Nounouche Online. The ...

March 18, 2024x
00:41:2128.42 MB

The Rise of Monique Webber: Mastering Fashion PR, Building Wealth, and Staying True to Values

Monique Webber is the visionary founder of MLWPR Fashion and Beauty PR Agency. Her story isn'...

March 04, 2024x
00:36:2725.06 MB

Sharing Sustainable African Luxury with the World Melaney Oldenhof

Melaney Oldenhoff, Founder and Creative Director of WhatWeCherish , a curated market place for han...

February 19, 2024x
00:32:1922.26 MB

Weaving Fashion, Soul Health, and Social Justice into a Tapestry of Change with Kirstie Fleur

Embark on an inspiring journey with the remarkable Kirstie Fleur, a Ghanaian-American beacon of cr...

February 12, 2024x
00:40:0027.51 MB

Unlocking Investment Secrets and Mastering Entrepreneurship: A Journey of Resilience and Mentorship

Unlock the secrets of securing investment and mastering entrepreneurship with our esteemed guest, ...

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