Season 8

July 02, 2024x

Ethnikids: Diversity in children's literature with Khumo Tapfumaneyi

The books your children read can shape their self-identity and cultural awareness. Join me in conve...

June 10, 2024x

Family Roots to Creative Routes - Raha Copenhagen with Nsimire Godman

In this week's episode, we connect with Nsimire Godman, Founder of Raha Copenhagen. This Denmark-ba...

May 28, 2024x

From South Africa to Seattle: Lizzy Hudson's Story

South African podcaster and social media marketing specialist, Lizzy Hudson is the voice behind the...

April 30, 2024x

RAINA (Luxury Hats for Natural Hair) with Rachel Osborne (S8, E8)

It all started with a wish for a satin-lined beach hat. When Rachel Osborne could not find one on t...

April 13, 2024x

The Yoga Bar and African Affirmations with Fikile 'Fix' Moeti (S8, E7)

Fikile "Fix" Moeti calls herself a Lightworker and you’ll find out what she means by that in this e...

April 02, 2024x

Nounouche Online and Azania Public with Bonnie Meslane (S8, E6)

Bonnie Meslane is the Founder of the online lifestyle and culture magazine, Nounouche Online. The J...